Recent blog buzz on anatomical models

Anatomical Venus Wax Model at the Semmelweiss Medical Museum
by Curious Expeditions

Some posts on one of my favorite topics: first, Curious Expeditions had a first-hand account of a visit to the Josephinum. Then, Proceedings of the Athanasius Kircher Society followed up by listing no less than fourteen other museums, almost all European, with notable collections of wax sculpture or moulage (La Specola is #2).

Of course, if you’re going to plan a summer jaunt to Europe to commune with medical models, why limit yourself to wax and moulage? Curious Expeditions also “ran into” an ivory obstetric figurine by Zick at the Semmelweis Medical Museum, and have a smashing flickrset of the occasion, from which I abducted the Venus image at the top of this post. I’m convinced Curious Expeditions are the new Rick Steves of the wunderkammer set. . .

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3 Responses to Recent blog buzz on anatomical models

  1. Stephen says:

    The blogroll of wunderkammer blogs seems to grow and grow, just like, well, a wunderkammer. Have you visited these websites :

    Cabinet of Wonders

    Wonder Cabinet

    Yours is a marvellous blog, which I would rate rather high on the “I didn’t know that” scale.

  2. This is far too much praise. When we read this post we literally put our computers down and danced around our apartment. We love your blog and read it while we eat our lunch. (Its just cheese sandwiches, so don’t think too highly of us). You have the best science/art blog on the net. Thank you again for the words of encouragement.

  3. cicada says:

    Stephen – thank you, and thank you for the links! As you see I’ve added Cabinet of Wonders to my blogroll.

    D & M – I am so glad I inspired you to dance, and would invite you over for cheese sandwiches, if the geography were not so unfavorable. I suppose we’ll just have to continue our virtual lunches over each others’ blogs. (When you’re not doing insanely cool field trips in neglected parts of Europe. Just a wee bit jealous here.)

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