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Getting the point without seeing the big picture

detail of “The Gift” Ceramic tile Richard Notkin, 1999 Last Friday I visited the Portland Art Museum. It was eerily quiet, so I was able to linger over individual pieces without feeling pressured to move along. Lingering is good; on … Continue reading

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That explains it

Why I’m always posting to this blog in the middle of the night: I’m a mutant. Oh, I can’t make such an irresponsible overstatement. This is just a mouse study, and we have no idea if it applies to humans. … Continue reading

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An old classic

We were just discussing Myers-Briggs tests, and it occurred to me I hadn’t taken one in a while. I am always INF, usually INFJ, and this time around was no different. Apparently Myers-Briggs is more reproducible than most of the … Continue reading

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