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It’s the Dumbo of the deep!

Dumbo Octopus From The Deep, by Claire Nouvian www.thedeepbook.org Collision Detection posted this link to a French film of deep-sea organisms. I don’t know if it’s the hypnotic French narration, or the freaky organisms, or that fact that I went … Continue reading

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On Creativity: “Lost in Portland”‘s Complaint

Is it too late to start a band at 45? (Salon) You might need to click through the Salon Site Pass rigamarole to get to it, but this letter and response are surprisingly earnest. “Lost in Portland” does lapse into … Continue reading

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A word’s worth at least one picture

eternal Berkeley, CA, 2003 The Visual Dictionary is a photographic compendium of found words (from signage, advertising, etc). The goal is to eventually represent every English word as at least one image; users can search the database for a word, … Continue reading

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Duck decoys for science

Proof that biology is so much weirder than anything I could ever make up: To test her hypothesis, Dr. Brennan plans to team up with a biomechanics expert to build a transparent model of a female duck. She wants to … Continue reading

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