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A story of art, generosity and books

My friend Libby sent me this inspiring story from one of my favorite cities, Edinburgh, where an anonymous artist has been leaving intricate book sculptures in local libraries. First, in March, the Scottish Poetry Library (which uses the wonderful institutional … Continue reading

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Poem of the Week: Courage Equal to Desire

Because I saw the band last week – they’re not half bad – and no one to whom I mentioned it knew the reference. One of my favorite Yeats poems, written for Maud Gonne, and yes, a good name for … Continue reading

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Poem of the Week: renewed by death

Untitled Nez Perce County, Idaho I am renewed by death, thought of my death, The dry scent of a dying garden in September, The wind fanning the ash of a low fire. What I love is near at hand, Always, … Continue reading

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Poem of the Week: all the world, and I, and surely you

Untitled Brompton Cemetary, London “Sonnet XVII” Loving you less than life, a little less Than bitter-sweet upon a broken wall Or brush-wood smoke in autumn, I confess I cannot swear I love you not at all. For there is that … Continue reading

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Poem of the Week: Mosaic of a Hare

Hare Floor Mosiac 4th century Corinium School, Cirencester, Gloucestershire Corinium Museum Dan Chiasson’s book of poetry, Natural History (2005) is inspired by Pliny (the Elder, who wrote the original Naturalis historia) and Horace. Taking Pliny as a starting point may … Continue reading

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The Five Living Poets Challenge

Over at his blog, Jeff Prucher has challenged readers to think of five major LIVING poets. Can you do it? No cheating, no Googling, no looking at your bookshelf or New Yorkers! For verisimilitude, pretend Alex Trebek is staring smugly … Continue reading

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Poem of the Week: The way of the Dodo

How happy did it make me that Al Gore won the Nobel Prize? (Rhetorical question.) In his honor, I thought of a poem by Judith Skillman, from the latest edition of the online journal Tattoo Highway, edited by Sara MacAulay. … Continue reading

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Poem of the Week: De Vermis

Fantasy author Robert Jordan died this week, without completing his 12-book Wheel of Time saga. His death is the sort of event I most feared as a lonely teenager, when I lived in books: that an author would die before … Continue reading

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Poem of the Week: set upon a golden bough and sing

Judith Fegerl Via the Athanasius Kircher Society: artist Judith Fegerl has created a sculpture that mechanically replicates the song of a nightingale. It may sound like a nightingale, but to me it looks more like the viscera of several giant … Continue reading

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Our minds and the universe – what else is there?

From one of the most personally resonant essays I’ve read lately, by Mary Ruefle: I had recently one of the most astonishing experiences of my reading life. On page 248 in The Rings of Saturn, W. C. Sebald is recounting … Continue reading

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