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Why doesn’t honey need to be refrigerated?

image: honey in an istanbul market, from culiblog Why doesn’t honey need to be refrigerated? My mentor Tom (who taught me most of what I know about teaching) loved to ask this question on biology quizzes. It’s my favorite kind … Continue reading

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Brilliant but flawed (and unfortunately fictional)

This is so self-indulgent, I have to apologize in advance. But I couldn’t resist posting Lily Burana’s description of the redoubtable, delectable Hugh Laurie in House, M.D.: Constantly described as “brilliant but flawed,” House speaks to the part of us … Continue reading

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Miss Piggy gets medieval on some orcs

You go, girlfriend. From a window display in a comic book store in Toronto. Go see the rest of the photos for the Middle-earth doppelgangers of Beaker, Animal, the Chef, etc. (warning: Muppet blood is involved). Via the essential Table … Continue reading

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