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I’m in a bit of a mood this week. . .

Queen of Decay watercolor on paper . . . .and I painted this a few years ago when I was in a similar mood. It’s amazing how paint and paper can trap a state of mind. Fall is a mercurial, … Continue reading

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Gone, baby, gone

fallen cicada watercolor, 2007 ‘Your voice, he interrupted, is also like a cicada, not only a corn-crake. Do you know the legend about cicadas? They say they are the souls of poets who cannot keep quiet because, when they were … Continue reading

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I meant to punningly reify that. . . sure I did!

Fly Away Home Watercolor Three of my watercolors appear in the new Fantasy Illustrator’s Technique Book , by Gary Lippincott. I was supposed to get a copy from the publisher, but no copy materialized, so I finally popped over to … Continue reading

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What’s up with the bees?

Bee and Echinacea watercolor, 8.5″ square 2007 A few weeks ago, I asked a beekeeper at the Portland (Oregon) farmer’s market whether his bees were ok. “Yeah, they are,” he said, “but I get that question a lot.” On Saturday … Continue reading

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Gas Works Park

Last weekend I discovered Seattle’s Gas Works Park. By accident. And ended up on a tour through the derelict gasworks – led by the park’s designer, Richard Haag. The structures are fenced off, so I got the impression this was … Continue reading

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Galactopod (I pay an art debt)

Galactopod 2007 Watercolor on Winsor & Newton Paper My friend Seth and I have been mailing art back and forth for years. I don’t remember how it got started, but in the past year or two, I’m pretty sure he’s … Continue reading

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morpho ishihara

morpho ishihara watercolor on Winsor & Newton paper, 2007 The Ishihara pseudoisochromatic plate series is still the most common clinical test for colorblindness. Most Ishihara test plates are pointillist circles containing an Arabic numeral, which should be visible (if a … Continue reading

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“A cherry, I say, is nothing”

Bishop Berkeley’s Cherry Watercolor, 2006 Cherries have quite a few interesting literary associations. Bishop George Berkeley (1685-1753) chose the fruit to illustrate his philosophical conviction that objects can only be known through our direct perception of their sensory attributes: I … Continue reading

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Sinister, yet surprisingly perky

Ah, the mix cd. Its jacket, bland and functional, begs for artistic redemption. In junior high, we collaged magazine photos and doodled on our mix tapes. In high school, I coaxed the primitive tools of a Mac SE to create … Continue reading

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Aposematism, 2006. Watercolor on illustration board “Aposematism” is a type of protective signalling mechanism, usually but not always involving bright coloration, that draws the attention of predators. It might seem counterintuitive that potential prey would make themselves more conspicuous, but … Continue reading

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