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Jennifer Steen Booher: the wonder of found objects

Seaglass Spectrum: Aquamarine to Emerald Jennifer Steen Booher Assemblage artist and photographer Jennifer Steen Booher collects, arranges, and photographs found objects. ┬áHer arrays of beach glass resemble abstract art, or pages from illustrated catalogs of Renaissance wonder cabinets, while household … Continue reading

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Are there moths in the Uncanny Valley?

I love this meditative video. . . until the moth. It’s a skillful animation, but I feel like it’s going to start dancing with its little legs, singing “What the Moth Says.” Is this a case of insectoid Uncanny Valley? … Continue reading

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Kate Lacour: challenging the Codex Seraphinianus in the category of surreal, faux-anatomical weirdness

When Kate Lacour sent me a link to her tumblr, sharkbrains (subtitle: “Body horror beauty – art and comics”), I didn’t know quite what to expect. What I found was delightful – a modern successor to the Codex Seriphinianus.

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Weekend Mappy Links: Ancient Landscapes, A Map Library Speakeasy, Forensic Topology, Mapping Disasters, Cymatics

An expert on mapping ancient landscapes explains why Big Oil is his biggest customer, among other things. (interview at BLDGBLOG) For bibliophiles: a ton of photos from a visit to the Prelinger Library (AKA the “speakeasy of [map] libraries”). (by … Continue reading

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Friday Frivolity: Concepts in Ant Farm Design

Jeff Schwarting didn’t like the pre-fab plastic look of commercial ant farms, so he designed a farm of his own and put it on Kickstarter.┬áHis farm uses “space gel,” which serves as food source, water source, and tunneling medium. I’m … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Google Reader; Goodbye, Missing Friends

You probably know that Google Reader is shutting down. It makes me grumpy; I don’t find Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Flipboard, or anything else to be an adequate substitute (I’m trying Feedly at my fiance’s behest). Even worse, this unwelcome development … Continue reading

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Murmurations are so hot right now

Murmurations are so hot right now, they’re showing up in federal economic working papers. Which is probably more than you can say for steampunk. More links on the ever-fascinating murmuration phenomenon: Pop culture: How hot were murmurations in, say, 1936? … Continue reading

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A Murmuration of Cheese Balls: when nature enters the Uncanny Valley

Murmuration, in addition to being a perfectly lovely word, also captures one of the most wonderful phenomena one can encounter in nature. Behold, one of the loveliest viral videos of recent years: Did you get goosebumps? Thomas Jackson’s series “Emergent … Continue reading

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Have your wonder cabinet and eat it too!

I’ve been spending too much time browsing etsy lately – it’s like windowshopping, only I don’t have to go out in the dismal drizzle that is Cambridge in March. One of the wonderful, fanciful shops I found is Andie’s Specialty … Continue reading

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Whale Fall

Whale Fall (after life of a whale) by Sharon Shattuck is a charming and unusual film that uses paper puppetry to show the ecological “afterlife” of a whale. The overall effect is a little Steve Zissou, a little arts-and-crafts, and … Continue reading

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