Jessica Palmer, bioephemera (at) gmail dot com
Twitter: @bioephemera

I want to buy a print. Who should I contact?
If the piece is credited to another artist, please contact them directly – a link to the artist’s website or gallery will be supplied in the post. I like to promote new or obscure artists in my reviews, and help their work become more widely known; I hope you’ll support them by buying their work from them. If the artwork is not credited to another artist, contact me directly at the email above — I don’t have prints for sale right now, but I would be happy to talk about the possibility.

Who should I contact about the rights to reuse artworks?
Please contact the original artist or publisher for permission to reuse their work. I always credit the creator or source of an artwork, image, or video in the review, and supply a link to the place where it was originally found online and the artist’s gallery or homepage.

Will you publish my press release/review/guest post?
I’m sorry; no. I don’t publish guest posts, and if I choose to review a product it’s always my own opinion (good or bad. . . ).

Will you turn comments on again? I can’t comment.
I apologize to those of you who’d like to comment, but there are various reasons for the no-comment policy. Please feel free to email me instead.