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Excerpt from “Rethinking Thin”

There is an excerpt from Gina Kolata’s new book, Rethinking Thin (Amazon), in today’s NYT Science section: The implications were clear. There is a reason that fat people cannot stay thin after they diet and that thin people cannot stay … Continue reading

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Popularity Contest!

I’ve just added Alex King’s Popularity Contest widget to the sidebar, so you can hop directly to bioephemera’s most read posts. Unfortunately, the widget doesn’t accurately reflect the cumulative hits prior to today, so although the most of the listed … Continue reading

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The Department of the Drama; or “wasn’t this supposed to be an art blog?”

April was a cruel month indeed. I travelled round trip from West Coast to East Coast three times, in three consecutive weeks, with no more than two days between flights. That’s what one does when all the places where one … Continue reading

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The Self-Referential Quiz

This kinda reminded me of the LSAT. But in a good way. This is the category … for the logic-masters! Congrats, you did it: you totally rock! Since you got all the answers right, I hope you had a good … Continue reading

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