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Winter Wonderland in the District

Lampposts along the Taft Bridge Colin Winterbottom DC is unseasonably snow-free this year, but Colin Winterbottom (perfect name!) has some lovely back-and-white, ageless photos of a white capital at his website. The uplit snowfall outside the Supreme Court is especially … Continue reading

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Helping a young postdoc help elephants

Shermin de Silva just finished her PhD. Now she wants to continue her research on Asian elephants, the lesser-studied cousins of African elephants. Her goal? To understand how local farmers and elephants live together. Shermin has raised half of her … Continue reading

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Empty houses, blind eyes

Photo by Eugene Richards From “North Dakota, The Emptied Prairie” National Geographic Magazine These photos bear an eerie, graceful, painful resemblance to the country where I grew up. The year I finished high school, my parents left “town” (7,000 people) … Continue reading

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London: the Icky Tour

Greenhouse, Chelsea Physic Garden As I file away the debris of the last year, I realize that I never finished posting about my week in London this summer. It was exhausting, but by no means exhaustive. I feel foolish that … Continue reading

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London signage

Is there some sort of typological standard for disembodied medical hands? I took this picture in London, and thought nothing of it at the time – but it does strongly resemble the hands in Nicole Natri’s collage, and the descriptions of … Continue reading

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Bones, bones, bones: Post-Halloween memento mori

If you didn’t get enough skulls last night, here’s an interesting art show via Simplistic Art. Lustmord Table Jenny Holzer, 1994 And some Embroidered skeletons by Angelo Filomeno, via Ullabenulla: The Grand Circus: Death of Presumptuous Philosopher Embroidery on silk … Continue reading

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Truth and death in a nutshell

Barn photo by Corinne May Botz “Even the most depraved Barbie doll collector couldn’t top this.” – John Waters Fans of CSI will be familiar with the “miniature killer” story arc, in which Grissom & company are taunted by a … Continue reading

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Curious Expeditions’ Librophiliac Love Letter

Bibliophiles: bookmark this link! Librophiliac Love Letter: A Compendium of Beautiful Libraries. One of my favorite blogs, Curious Expeditions, has written what may be the definitive blog post for library lovers. I’ve only been to four of the libraries on … Continue reading

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The Hunterian Museum

Syphilitic skull with three trephine holes and osteomyelitic lesions Hunterian museum One of my favorite London experiences was my visit to the Hunterian museum. If only I had more time there! I liked it so much, I returned on my … Continue reading

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But my neighbor is an anteater

This is a good idea, but in practice it isn’t terribly accurate. The idea is to tell you whether the area in which you live is walker-friendly – how many stores, restaurants, bars, etc. are close to you? Unfortunately, Google’s … Continue reading

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