I’m in a bit of a mood this week. . .


Queen of Decay
watercolor on paper

. . . .and I painted this a few years ago when I was in a similar mood.

It’s amazing how paint and paper can trap a state of mind. Fall is a mercurial, frangible, profligate season, vibrant with colors that trumpet their own decay. Corruption is color. Madness is color.

To paraphrase Yeats, things fall apart. The summer cannot hold.

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7 Responses to I’m in a bit of a mood this week. . .

  1. Pierre Carl├Ęs says:

    Queen of Decay has always been my all-time favorite of yours. I truly love that piece. I guess your present mood is probably not the most pleasant one for you, but if this is what made you re-post this marvel, then at least something positive came out of it.

  2. John Dennehy says:

    Awesome! It feels so powerful….

  3. LadyMeerkat says:

    I’ve only seen your art in terms of what is on here and that is my favourite. The colours are so striking, and the movement is splendid. Creating art can be therapeutic.

  4. Crystal says:

    This is absolutely beautiful.

  5. kellypea says:

    She’s gorgeous in those rich colors. The expression of her eyes is what gets my attention. If this is what decay looks like, please sign me up.

  6. As someone who occasionally gets paid to write art criticism, I’m going to get a little highbrow here and say…

    …fuck, yeah!

    That’s a beautiful piece, Cicada.

  7. cicada says:

    Thank you everybody. I guess it was therapeutic. I think it’s more therapeutic now than it was when I painted it. . . I’m trying to get back into the space to paint, and this might be the door. . .

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