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Gilded autochrome

Portrait (thought to be of Charlotte Spaulding) autochrome photograph Edward Steichen, circa 1908 This is almost as good as discovering an unknown Klimt! Two Steichen autochromes (primitive color photographs) were recently donated to the George Eastman House collection of historic … Continue reading

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Queen and House

Wonderful Hugh Laurie (of House, M.D.) was honored by the Queen today. Between this and the season finale of Lost, it’s a good night for the only two television shows I bother following anymore.

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“Poems, like birds, are everywhere”

Animal Locomotion plate 770 (detail) collotype Eadweard Muybridge, 1887 The latest edition of I and the Bird is presented by Via Negativa as a fine found poem: The afternoon lull had set in, but we pressed on. We spotted the … Continue reading

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Comments problem

Final update: unless I hear otherwise I’m going to assume the comment bug is fixed. Let me know if you have any further problems anywhere on the site, and thanks to everyone who helped me troubleshoot.

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Muskrat (Skull) Love

Muskrat Box Ron Pippin I have not gotten a single thing done today, because I’ve spent hours browsing the archive of assemblage artist Ron Pippin. Has there ever been a more charming collection of steampunk-influenced taxidermical wonder-boxes?

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New art from old

One of my favorite authors (read Winter’s Tale if you read nothing else of his), Mark Helprin, has written an editorial (NYT) arguing that the copyright on works of art should extend indefinitely. Helprin’s arguments seem logical – art doesn’t … Continue reading

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One thing I want: not to be a toad

“How many twigs in a bird’s nest?” asked the enchantress suddenly. “Answer quickly. There, you see,” she added. “Poor chicks, you don’t even know that. How could you be expected to know what you really want out of life?” “One … Continue reading

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A little late for Mother’s Day, but. . .

Mother David Hochbaum, 2006 David Hochbaum rocks. Enough said.

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Cannibalism, Then and Now

Where else but in the blogosphere could one learn that the medieval practice of consuming powdered human corpses has experienced a questionably legal (and questionably real) renaissance? A testimonial from the Modern Man-Eater website: “My bones were just plain getting … Continue reading

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Our chances become slightly less remote

The venerable lit journal Poetry has the following invitation on its site: In June, July, and August 2007, POETRY will only consider work from poets who have not previously appeared in the magazine. We encourage writers new to these pages … Continue reading

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