Muskrat (Skull) Love

Muskrat Box
Ron Pippin

I have not gotten a single thing done today, because I’ve spent hours browsing the archive of assemblage artist Ron Pippin. Has there ever been a more charming collection of steampunk-influenced taxidermical wonder-boxes?

This cryptically inscribed muskrat skull (above) is exactly my cup of Victorian-naturalist tea. And the partially mechanized vignettes, like “The Operation,” are simply haunting:

The Operation (detail)
Ron Pippin, 1994

Ron Pippin has been represented by the Sherry Frumkin Gallery and Obsolete, Inc. But I can’t find a current exhibit of his work – if anyone knows where he might be showing pieces, let me know.

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5 Responses to Muskrat (Skull) Love

  1. Looking back through your older posts, Cicada, and I revisited Pippin’s site. Really inspiring stuff…kind of kicks me in the balls, though, as I periodically dream of moving into assemblage sculpture and looking at this work, I wonder what the hell is holding me back. Oh, boy….this could be a bad spell. ;)

  2. cicada says:

    My problem with assemblage is that I need a workspace large enough to collect debris materials, knowing that only a fraction of what I accumulate will make it into the final edited piece. Since I always end up working in my living room, and don’t have a studio, I’ve pretty much given up for the past year or two. I’m hoping to try assemblage once more this winter, when the weather is nasty, but I still don’t have a dedicated studio space, nor do I have any tools. So we’ll see. . .

  3. Yeah, the work space issue is paramount and you really need an “outbuilding” or shed where you can amass all manner of refuse, bones and odds and ends.

  4. Brian says:

    TROVE in Laguna Beach is currently showing some of Ron Pippin’s work. You can view a few of the pieces on their site or visit the shop to see more. The shop alone is well worth the trip. Surprising to find someone showing such moving work in Laguna Beach!

  5. k says:

    if you like this type of art, you might also enjoy the work of Michael deMeng

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