Brilliant but flawed (and unfortunately fictional)

This is so self-indulgent, I have to apologize in advance. But I couldn’t resist posting Lily Burana’s description of the redoubtable, delectable Hugh Laurie in House, M.D.:

Constantly described as “brilliant but flawed,” House speaks to the part of us that wants to believe that we are so amazing, people will withstand our dread obnoxiousness to bask in our brainy, radiant glow. (Salon)

Damn right!

Although Burana’s piece is fluff, it captures the silly, navel-gazing indulgence of the celebrity crush quite well. Hugh Laurie isn’t Gregory House. Everything, down to the American accent, is an act. Right? Right.

But then Laurie goes and says something like this to Men’s Vogue:

“Probably, I fear happiness because I don’t know what follows,” he ventures. “To say ‘I’ve accomplished something,’ or ‘I look around and I see that my life pleases me,’ that would feel like a kind of death. If things ever were good enough, I wouldn’t know what to do afterwards.”

Damn right!


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