Because you’re curious and smart and bored


Good advice. Sometimes I think I should give up trying to plan my life, and just do whatever xkcd says.

See the full comic here.

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4 Responses to Because you’re curious and smart and bored

  1. John Dennehy says:

    So, in other words, watching Lost isn’t slacking off, but rather “making up the future as we go”?

  2. cicada says:

    Well, the writers of Lost are definitely making it up as THEY go. For all I know, the Losties are floating in bubbles in space. It’d make about as much sense as anything.

    But my main excuse for “slacking off” is blogging, not television. :)

  3. John Dennehy says:

    Quite right, the only thing keeping me watching Lost is the need to make sense of whatever is going on there. I only started watching after I read that “everything has a perfectly logical, scientific explanation” (so said one of the producers). Although I have completely lost hope for that, I have not lost hope that there will be an explanation, however far fetched (no puns intended).

  4. cicada says:

    Everything supposedly has a “perfectly logical, scientific explanation”? Hmmmm. . . maybe I don’t understand science as well as I thought I did! Oh well. I love Lost’s unpredictability and intricacy and recursiveness; I’ll forgive a few delusions of scientific plausibility. But like you, I hope for SOME explanation!

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