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The Bowes Silver Swan

The Bowes Swan; silver fish detail from There is something primally captivating about the successful reproduction of life in art or technology. The Bowes Silver Swan is a wonderful example, dating back to the 18th century. To the accompaniment … Continue reading

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Andrew Severynko

Gourmand, 2002 Andrew Severynko Andrew Severynko‘s website reveals an idiosyncratic mix of pastoral watercolors, mixed media, and metal steampunk beasties. He’s represented by Williams Gallery. via feuilleton

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A Steampunk Green Man

Metamorphosis Almacan Digital artist Almacan (Kazuhiko Nakamura) creates intricately detailed surrealistic portraits, equal parts Giger and da Vinci. This one reminds me of an insectoid Green Man about to disperse into the undergrowth. . . and also, strangely, of Richard … Continue reading

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Goggles, Wings and Zeppelins

Zeppelin Digital Mikel Robinson, 2007 Candles and Ghosts (blog); Galerie de Illuminata (etsy) I’ve always loved antique patinas, rusty found objects, and vintage photographs, but these days it seems like EVERYONE has joined the mixed media bandwagon. Suddenly we’re saturated … Continue reading

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How to look perky while blowing things up

CONELRAD: Atomic Secrets | The girl, the men, and the atom From the November 18, 1957 LIFE magazine, a full page ad sponsored by America’s Independent Electric Light and Power Companies. CONELRAD is just too much fun.

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We all live in our antique submarine

imaginative/anachronistic illustration of the Bushnell Turtle unknown artist Submarine artist/tattoist Duke Riley and compatriots were cited Friday morning in NYC for towing a “strange-looking” replica Revolutionary War sub near the Queen Mary 2. The strange sub is apparently modeled on … Continue reading

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The Holy Vending Machine of Alexandria

Back when I was six or seven, my personal computer was a cassette-tape driven TRS-80, and my favorite game was Pyramid. Pyramid was an endearingly primitive choose-your-own adventure game, in which you gave the program commands it rarely understood, hoping … Continue reading

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Wellcome Medical Image Library

The Wellcome collection of medical images has been made available for non-profit use under a Creative Commons license. This is a really fabulous resource. Just for fun I searched “trepanation” and got nine images like these: Thanks to Stranger Fruit … Continue reading

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Gas Works Park

Last weekend I discovered Seattle’s Gas Works Park. By accident. And ended up on a tour through the derelict gasworks – led by the park’s designer, Richard Haag. The structures are fenced off, so I got the impression this was … Continue reading

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Boston’s Harcourt Bindery

I love gears, I love type, I love paper art: virtual field trip, courtesy of the Rag & Bone Blog.

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