A Steampunk Green Man



Digital artist Almacan (Kazuhiko Nakamura) creates intricately detailed surrealistic portraits, equal parts Giger and da Vinci. This one reminds me of an insectoid Green Man about to disperse into the undergrowth. . . and also, strangely, of Richard Dadd’s Bacchanalian Scene. Almacan says:

I am inspired by surrealism and cyberpunk styles of art. I find myself drawn to 19th century machine designs and armor among other things from that time period as motif. All of these images have been created with a portrait style while still containing a puzzle type quality.

His work is available via his website and Deviantart store.

Via feuilleton.

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8 Responses to A Steampunk Green Man

  1. blulu says:

    giger and arcimboldo ..

  2. Lady Meerkat says:

    I prefer this to Giger, whose work I appreciate but find a bit too visceral for my liking. I like brassy bugs

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  4. Wunx~ says:

    Way cool! I do love looking at the art work you post.

  5. cicada says:

    this guy is great, isn’t he? his other stuff is a little less biological but equally cool.

  6. anonymous says:

    That’s cool!

  7. TinyJ says:

    this picture is amazing. I am starting my GCSE art coursework on this, heaven and hell. thank you, =)

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