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Carnival of the Animals: holiday window wonder cabinets

Bergdorf Goodman’s elaborate animal-themed holiday window displays rock my world: See more windows (huge images) at their blog. The last window in particular is Snow Queen-esque (think Narnia); the metal bird themed window seems very Yeatsian. Truly, upscale holiday window … Continue reading

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Dr. House vs. Car Talk: Diagnostic Showdown

A clever little article in JAMA, written by Gurpreet Dhaliwal, suggests that diagnosticians should admire not House, MD, but rather NPR’s Car Talk mechanics, Click and Clack: Car Talk, like most forms of technology and media, offers advantages and conveniences … Continue reading

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“People are practically printing books with their smartphones,” Mr. Fletcher said, in a tone suggesting that he did not think this was such a good idea. Delightful. From the New York Times review of the Grolier Club exhibition “Printing for … Continue reading

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The “collapse of science fiction”?

“One way you can describe the collapse of the idea of the future is the collapse of science fiction. Now it’s either about technology that doesn’t work or about technology that’s used in bad ways. The anthology of the top … Continue reading

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Winter Wonderland in the District

Lampposts along the Taft Bridge Colin Winterbottom DC is unseasonably snow-free this year, but Colin Winterbottom (perfect name!) has some lovely back-and-white, ageless photos of a white capital at his website. The uplit snowfall outside the Supreme Court is especially … Continue reading

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Victorian worm syrup!

“Celebrated?” You don’t say. . . at Daily Memorandum’s etsy shop

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“I fear that the character of my knowledge is from year to year becoming more distinct and scientific; that, in exchange for vistas wide as heaven’s scope, I am being narrowed down to the field of the microscope. I see … Continue reading

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Helping a young postdoc help elephants

Shermin de Silva just finished her PhD. Now she wants to continue her research on Asian elephants, the lesser-studied cousins of African elephants. Her goal? To understand how local farmers and elephants live together. Shermin has raised half of her … Continue reading

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Dresses patterned like wings

From the archives at Trend De La Creme: pieces from Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2010 collection, “Plato’s Atlantis,” juxtaposed with moths. Critics described McQueen’s collection as reptilian: “short, reptile-patterned, digitally printed dresses, their gangly legs sunk in grotesque shoes that looked … Continue reading

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A story of art, generosity and books

My friend Libby sent me this inspiring story from one of my favorite cities, Edinburgh, where an anonymous artist has been leaving intricate book sculptures in local libraries. First, in March, the Scottish Poetry Library (which uses the wonderful institutional … Continue reading

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