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Holiday gift ideas for the BioE reader

It’s almost Cyber Monday! In our household, we do our shopping online, mainly because when we go to the trouble of renting a car, we have experiences like we did yesterday, when we were ticketed for lingering a full 32 … Continue reading

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Short links for Thanksgiving

Some hors d’oeuvres. Happy Thanksgiving! Steampunk Mr. Potatohead (thanks for the link, Miles!) Briny ice finger of death Titanoboa, A Fifty Foot Electromechanical Snake Sculpture (via laughingsquid) Todd McLellan’s dissected technology — like a pages from an atlas of mechanical … Continue reading

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“Womanspace,” sex stereotypes, and things that are “bad for” science

Ed Rybicki’s “tongue-in-cheek” sci-fi vignette, “Womanspace”, has provoked quite the controversy in the weeks since it was published.  Various critics are calling the story sexist, anti-science, and unworthy of publication in a science journal (it appeared in Nature). Some have even … Continue reading

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SF/F as a lens for looking at the law

As Arthur C. Clarke once put it, technology is — at some sufficiently advanced tipping point — “indistinguishable from magic”.  An interesting question that follows from that realization is this: how big a difference is there, really, between the law … Continue reading

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