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one-of-a-kind skeleton ring set

This unique sterling silver skeleton ring set by Shannon Conrad consists of two rings – one a skeletal hand, the other a radius/ulna pair. Together they form a skeletal arm reaching across your hand! One of a kind ring, available … Continue reading

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Updating the blogroll and waxing nostalgic

Over the weekend, I updated the blogroll; I haven’t yet added all the links from my current feed subscriptions, but I’ve at least cleared out links to abandoned or retired blogs. It was a sad, nostalgic process, because I hadn’t … Continue reading

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This tea robot is too cute to exist

OMG, sTEAmpunk! I don’t even know what to say about this tea infusing robot other than IT IS SO ADORABLE. I want to buy them for everyone, regardless of whether they like robots or drink tea. (If you get one … Continue reading

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