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It’s all fun and games until. . .

This unbelievable X-ray from Surfactant comes to us via Street Anatomy. Whoa. Save this and show it to your kids next 4th of July, ok? (the culprit was a “homemade explosive device”).

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The Five Living Poets Challenge

Over at his blog, Jeff Prucher has challenged readers to think of five major LIVING poets. Can you do it? No cheating, no Googling, no looking at your bookshelf or New Yorkers! For verisimilitude, pretend Alex Trebek is staring smugly … Continue reading

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I’m intellectual AND sexy? Now that’s scary. . .

First, I need to thank Mo at Neurophilosophy for tagging me with the Intellectual Blogger award. I don’t feel very intellectual lately, but I guess he’s cutting me some slack based on past posts? I’d better pick up the pace, … Continue reading

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Frankenstein’s fairies: red in tooth and claw

Swarm (detail) mixed media Tessa Farmer, 2004 from the Saatchi Gallery Before their nursery sanitization, fairy tales were savage. Remember how Cinderella’s stepmother mutilated her own daughters’ feet to fit the glass slipper, but was betrayed by the oozing blood? … Continue reading

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Blog bits

I’ve been working on a PC for the first time in my life, and I hate the way the blog looks on IE. It’s been near-unreadable. On a Mac using Firefox or Safari it’s fine, but on a PC using … Continue reading

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Gone, baby, gone

fallen cicada watercolor, 2007 ‘Your voice, he interrupted, is also like a cicada, not only a corn-crake. Do you know the legend about cicadas? They say they are the souls of poets who cannot keep quiet because, when they were … Continue reading

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Visualizing science: Steve Miller

Protein #324, 2003 enamel, silk-screen on paper Steve Miller The protein-inspired art of Steve Miller in turn inspires Visualizing Science: Image-making in the Constitution of Scientific Knowledge, a cool-sounding symposium to be held next Wednesday, October 24, 2007, at Rose … Continue reading

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Truth and death in a nutshell

Barn photo by Corinne May Botz “Even the most depraved Barbie doll collector couldn’t top this.” – John Waters Fans of CSI will be familiar with the “miniature killer” story arc, in which Grissom & company are taunted by a … Continue reading

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I’m a fro-elly-what-what?

Jason at challenged me to visit this site, sponsored by the New York Zoo, to create my “wild self.” It’s like one of those flip books where you mix and match body parts. As a biologist, such egregious phylogenetic … Continue reading

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Watson does it again

The co-discoverer of the double helix, James Watson, has once again placed his Nobel-icious foot in his mouth. He was meant to give a talk today in Britain on his new book, but his appearance has been cancelled in the … Continue reading

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