It’s all fun and games until. . .

This unbelievable X-ray from Surfactant comes to us via Street Anatomy.



Save this and show it to your kids next 4th of July, ok? (the culprit was a “homemade explosive device”).

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4 Responses to It’s all fun and games until. . .

  1. mdvlist says:

    AAAAAAAACK! I SO did not need to see that while eating breakfast.

  2. kellypea says:

    I’m not sure I can remember how I got here, but I think I’ll cozy up and stay. Excellent blog. And I can name five living poets. It just depends on whether anyone gives credit to those who write for younger people as well, like Naomi Shihab Nye.

  3. Oh, my word. Thank you for this. I’ll show it to my husband, who wants to teach my daughters how to make their own fireworks.

  4. kc k says:

    i thought he was doing gang signs

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