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Like a rainbow hole in your head

What lies behind our nose? photography (CT scan rendering) Kai-hung Fung, 2007 The 2007 Science Visualization Challenge winners have been announced. I love the two (tied) first place winners; although they are both photography, they look like watercolor. Above is … Continue reading

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Technology’s ghost

New York Movie Edward Hopper, 1939 The Museum of Modern Art, New York I went to the National Gallery’s Hopper exhibit last weekend – it was crowded, hot, and really long. I had no idea so many Hoppers could be … Continue reading

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Too too solid flesh?

La Belle Rosina (Two Young Girls) Antoine Wiertz, 1847 Morbid Anatomy has some excellent posts lately – if it’s not on your blogroll already, you should go investigate! I was particularly taken with this painting. I suppose it’s memento mori, … Continue reading

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We’re back

Apologies for the downtime. I had a bit of trouble getting it through to my web host that I needed to upgrade my bandwidth! Thanks for the love, y’all, but you just loved me into a hosting package upgrade – … Continue reading

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Dustin Yellin

Pecoxus Ferexus ink and resin Dustin Yellin , 2006 Resin blocks are commonly used to preserve medical specimens so they can be viewed from all angles without the prgressive fragmentation of a specimen suspended in solution. But in artist Dustin … Continue reading

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Poem of the Week: De Vermis

Fantasy author Robert Jordan died this week, without completing his 12-book Wheel of Time saga. His death is the sort of event I most feared as a lonely teenager, when I lived in books: that an author would die before … Continue reading

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Goggles, Wings and Zeppelins

Zeppelin Digital Mikel Robinson, 2007 Candles and Ghosts (blog); Galerie de Illuminata (etsy) I’ve always loved antique patinas, rusty found objects, and vintage photographs, but these days it seems like EVERYONE has joined the mixed media bandwagon. Suddenly we’re saturated … Continue reading

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Darwin for Kids

Author and illustrator Peter Sis has written a beautiful book called The Tree of Life: Charles Darwin which follows Darwin’s voyage on the Beagle and re-creates the naturalist’s travel-stained maps and notebooks. The book was released in 2003, and got … Continue reading

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Artempo: anatomy and time

A model of female anatomy by an anonymous artist Collection of Axel Vervoordt Photo: David Yoder, NYT Two anatomic models Collections of Axel Vervoordt / Museo di Storia Naturale, Donazione Conte Querini Stampalia Artempo exhibition in Venice, Italy; NYT review … Continue reading

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How to look perky while blowing things up

CONELRAD: Atomic Secrets | The girl, the men, and the atom From the November 18, 1957 LIFE magazine, a full page ad sponsored by America’s Independent Electric Light and Power Companies. CONELRAD is just too much fun.

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