Every axiom hums under a toy

Now there’s a proverb for the ages. . . or a random sentence generated with the procrastinatory Random Sentence Generator, which also suggests random words of various types (nouns, verbs, common, obscure, etc.) Be warned: if you choose “obscure” words, you’ll get results like “voetsek” and “whillikers.”

Tim at Sciencesque is using the Generator to supply topics for his random crawl of OMIM, the human gene database. You can read his efforts (thus far) at the new carnival “Gene Genie”; the inaugural issue is up at ScienceRoll.

Unlike Tim, I’m using it for utterly frivolous reasons: as a loquacious Magic 8 Ball! Plus, there are profound cognitive implications: if I hit “new sentence” a zillion times, will I ever get “colorless green ideas sleep furiously?” Let’s ask!

It says:

The conservative rectangle fails.

Hey! This isn’t a political blog.

It replies:

When will the rectangular collective choose?

Darn if this thing couldn’t pass a Turing test!

My custard bays before an under convict.

Ok – cancel that Turing test. But it’s still some fine frivolity.

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One Response to Every axiom hums under a toy

  1. mdvlist says:

    The mouth suffers around every autobiography!
    The torture cracks!

    If I keep going, will I get, “I fall upon the thorns of life, I bleed”?

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