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Poem of the Week: Be faithful Go

Life is more complicated, more mysterious and more convoluted than the party, the army, the police. Let us detach ourselves a little from this truly horrible everyday reality and try to write about doubt, anxiety and despair. -Zbigniew Herbert My … Continue reading

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The Peas That We Freeze Here

Frank Soltesz Today’s Inspiration: Fresh Frozen Frank Soltesz Since childhood I’ve loved diagrams and models of complex buildings, like factories. My favorite Babar book was Babar and Father Christmas, in which Babar falls through a ski slope into a 2-D … Continue reading

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The Nesting Instinct

It’s been quiet here on the blog lately, because I had to move out of my house. I closed the sale yesterday and filed the last paperwork this morning. I’m emotionally attached to this house – I did most of … Continue reading

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Hey, my biology degree is good for something after all!

Modern Mechanix » Hen Changed to Rooster by Biologists Those crazy Biologists! What will they do next? And what is that huge black rubber apparatus? (Possible sign that poultry modification is my vocation: our high school’s mascot was a chicken. … Continue reading

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I assume it’s a rhetorical question

“Biology and Art: Two Worlds or One?” (April 14 at NYAS) The best part is that Wim Delvoye, creator of the Cloaca Project, will be there. Enough said. Cloaca Project Musée d’Art Contemporain, Lyon Wim Delvoye, 2003 Via Adventures in … Continue reading

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Poem of the Week: In the Night Orchard

Much has been made of Shenandoah editor R.T. Smith’s “Southern” voice and perspective. Margaret Gibson says of his 2004 collection, Brightwood: Vernacular, down-home, these are poems given to remembering, and they make a faithful account. They find healing in a … Continue reading

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Bilingual birds

Red Breasted Nuthatch – Desire oil and mixed media on panel Caroline James, 2006 One bird species learns another’s lingo ( When we lived in the woods, we had our own flock of nuthatches. They were our favorite birds. The … Continue reading

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This blog will probably skew a little personal for a week or two, because I’m in the midst of a major career change. The distressing thing is, I’m getting hammered by friends right and left, because I seem “insufficiently excited” … Continue reading

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Pollution kills, but art’s the crime

Ossario Sao Paulo, Brazil Alexandre Orion This graffiti was created in reverse – by cleaning grimy city surfaces. It’s sort of a lift-and-scrub technique in which the dark areas are old, crusted pollutants. Authorities didn’t know how to charge the … Continue reading

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Looking to Remember

Cognitive Daily: Artists look different Cognitive Daily alerts us to a study quantifying the different visual scanning techniques used by artists and non-artists. Here’s a figure from the study, tracking eye movements in yellow: The trained artist (right) looks at … Continue reading

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