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Remember that one time, when God did that thing?

Slate blogs the Bible, by David Plotz I’m really enjoying the archives of this Slate series. I’ve planned to go back and re-read the Bible for some time now, but you know – it’s so darn long. Every page provokes … Continue reading

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Kinda like Boggle on a Rubiks Cube

WORD STRIPS – word game from Flash By Night There clearly aren’t enough ways to waste time on the internet(s) yet. This is kind of fun, although I still prefer good old-fashioned Boggle.

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So that’s what a British Mac looks like

British Mac Ads So Much Better Than U.S. Ads (Gizmodo) Now the octopus tentacles wiggle their way into Mac ads. I feel completely disoriented. Still, the Mac actor’s British accent is adorable. . .

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Vladimir Gvozdev

Ibis Vladimir Gvozdev, 2006 How do I adore Bibliodyssey? Let me count the ways, but meanwhile, check out the fanciful work of mixed-media artist Vladimir Gvozdev. (He is definitely not an easy artist to summarize, so just go look around … Continue reading

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Lock that book

Bookclasps – Sulgurid For those of us whose professions don’t involve lovingly handling dusty old volumes with creaking wooden spines, a website devoted specifically to the clasps and other metal embellishments found on old books. Hat-tip: Bibliodyssey.

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What? No way!

Neurontic skewers two studies leading to incredibly obvious conclusions: Attractive young psychology professor is stunned to discover that “it sucks to be rejected based on how you look.” Three new studies spearheaded by University of Buffalo Assistant Professor Lora Park … Continue reading

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Universal Leonardo: Leonardo da Vinci online

An essential art/science website to bookmark, if you haven’t already: Universal Leonardo: Leonardo da Vinci online. The simulation of curatorial imaging techniques used to study the Lansdowne Madonna is nicely done, as are the overview of math and proportion in … Continue reading

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59 People and 1 Cat Fabric and Photo Transfer Camille Whiteman Wooden case containing sixty small phrenological heads plaster and wood William Bally, 1831

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Medical illustration: future and past

If you read my earlier post on anatomical representations of the female reproductive organs, you are familiar with Jan van Rymsdyk’s landmark engravings of a dissected full-term uterus. Thanks to Street Anatomy, an interesting new medical illustration blog, I see … Continue reading

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Watercolor: Wendy Artin

Cabbage Watercolor on paper, 2000 Wendy Artin I first discovered watercolorist Wendy Artin in Vanity Fair magazine. She was surrounded by four larger-than-life charcoal drawings of Renaissance statuary, wearing solid black and a dramatic pendant necklace, looking very much the … Continue reading

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