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Now, that’s meritorious

Science scouts: much better than plain old girl scouts! Is it scary that I would qualify for so many merit badges? Actually, I could invent a few more, such as “I have administered illegal drugs of abuse to insects,” but … Continue reading

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A tree of life? More like wildflowers

Phylogenetic Tree Visualization I don’t really understand how this representation was created, beyond the involvement of a Walrus; but it’s amazing. According to the source: This picture is a visualisation of the entire tree of life. The tree of life … Continue reading

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Don’t tell your psychiatrist

Inkblot #4 Jason Krieger Rorschach blots are controversial diagnostic tools. But I’m digging these digital ink blots by Jason Krieger, editor of Phirebrush. If you think you see cow skulls or dead birds in these blots, that’s because there are. … Continue reading

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