Now, that’s meritorious

Science scouts: much better than plain old girl scouts!


Is it scary that I would qualify for so many merit badges? Actually, I could invent a few more, such as “I have administered illegal drugs of abuse to insects,” but then I’d be giving away all my Science Secrets. (See the link for the meaning of these badges).
Note that there is also one for, well, cephalopodmania (although I am not yet worthy):

From the good folks at SCQ.

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2 Responses to Now, that’s meritorious

  1. mdvlist says:

    Oh, SURELY you deserve the tadpole one, too– and I’m certain that you’re competent around open flame. Don’t sell yourself short! In fact, I’m expecting you to claim the MacGyver badge one of these days. (Escaping from your current locale would be somewhat analogous to a prison break, although you might have to use more than a paperclip and WD-40.)

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