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Le Grand Content

I had a little phone interview today, and as most interviews do, it made me wonder “what the heck have I been doing with my life?” My career trajectory seems plausible – until I have to articulate it. Then I … Continue reading

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Amazing, Rare Things; Amazing, Rare Man

Common or ‘spectacled’ caiman and South American false coral snake Maria Sibylla Merian, c.1705-10 The Royal Collection: Amazing Rare Things There is a common denominator that links all these artists. It is the profound joy that all feel who observe … Continue reading

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Nature Conservancy Photo Awards 2006

Peacock Mantis Shrimp (detail) Joseph Napolitano The Nature Conservancy ran a photography contest until the end of December and just announced the winners last week. The “Best Nature Photo” winner was Joseph Napolitano with this technicolor invertebrate. Wow, biology is … Continue reading

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The science of Confusapedia

Ok, so the science entries on Conservapedia are easy targets – finding mistakes is like shooting fish in a barrel. And quite a few of my fellow science bloggers have engaged in target practice lately. But not all the entries … Continue reading

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Jesse Peper

(title unknown) Jesse Peper Jesse Peper’s surreal paintings mix totemic animals like fish, birds, and snakes with religious iconography and the dark bloom of decay. He’s also the featured artist at Juxtapoz this week.

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Flowcharts of science

Adventures in Ethics and Science: Scientific and unscientific conclusions Janet Stemwedel at AES has collected a LOT of perspectives on the scientific process and interpreted them as flowcharts. Not only are they geek-chic, they give me nostalgic fuzzies of teaching … Continue reading

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Poem of the Week: WH Auden

In honor of Auden’s centenary, York cabbies will be reciting his verse to their passengers. I expect most of the passengers will at least know who Auden is; if New York cabbies did the same, maybe not! Take this quiz … Continue reading

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But isn’t your truck impressive enough already?

Ok, I thought I lived in hicksville, but I have never seen artificial testicles on a truck before. Yet according to this WaPo article, they’re so pervasive, legislation has been proposed to regulate them. The example below the fold is/are … Continue reading

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When disease is inevitable

As every American knows, our health care system is exasperating. I recently left a job; fortunately, I’m healthy and relatively young, so obtaining temporary insurance was not a problem. But for those who have been seriously ill – either physically … Continue reading

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Awww! Euww!

Two works by artist Adam Brandejs: Genpets ( and Flesh Shoe. Only one is adorable; both are creepy. Genpets are currently starring in the exhibit “It’s Alive! A Laboratory of Biotech Art” at the Montserrat College of Art Gallery in … Continue reading

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