Kinda like Boggle on a Rubiks Cube

WORD STRIPS – word game from Flash By Night

There clearly aren’t enough ways to waste time on the internet(s) yet. This is kind of fun, although I still prefer good old-fashioned Boggle.

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One Response to Kinda like Boggle on a Rubiks Cube

  1. mdvlist says:

    How boring is it that the words can only be four letters and have to be straight across? I wasted all my allotted time trying to figure out how to align “prow” when they wanted “moor.” WhatEVER. There’s a similar game out there that’s much more fun (across between scrabble and that old game with falling tiles), but fortunately, I’ve lost the link to it. THAT was the the most insidious time-waster of my internet life . . . .

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