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So that’s what a British Mac looks like

British Mac Ads So Much Better Than U.S. Ads (Gizmodo) Now the octopus tentacles wiggle their way into Mac ads. I feel completely disoriented. Still, the Mac actor’s British accent is adorable. . .

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Vladimir Gvozdev

Ibis Vladimir Gvozdev, 2006 How do I adore Bibliodyssey? Let me count the ways, but meanwhile, check out the fanciful work of mixed-media artist Vladimir Gvozdev. (He is definitely not an easy artist to summarize, so just go look around … Continue reading

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Lock that book

Bookclasps – Sulgurid For those of us whose professions don’t involve lovingly handling dusty old volumes with creaking wooden spines, a website devoted specifically to the clasps and other metal embellishments found on old books. Hat-tip: Bibliodyssey.

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