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Buying things is fun. And supports the economy.

Victorian worm syrup!

“Celebrated?” You don’t say. . . at Daily Memorandum’s etsy shop

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one-of-a-kind skeleton ring set

This unique sterling silver skeleton ring set by Shannon Conrad consists of two rings – one a skeletal hand, the other a radius/ulna pair. Together they form a skeletal arm reaching across your hand! One of a kind ring, available … Continue reading

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This tea robot is too cute to exist

OMG, sTEAmpunk! I don’t even know what to say about this tea infusing robot other than IT IS SO ADORABLE. I want to buy them for everyone, regardless of whether they like robots or drink tea. (If you get one … Continue reading

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Holiday gift ideas for the BioE reader

It’s almost Cyber Monday! In our household, we do our shopping online, mainly because when we go to the trouble of renting a car, we have experiences like we did yesterday, when we were ticketed for lingering a full 32 … Continue reading

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Tentacle Arm

  What more is there to say, really? It’s a tentacle arm. A friend of mine told me I need “at least two” of these. . . . . . at LEAST two???? What?? And once the first one’s on, … Continue reading

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Last Call: Christmas Gifts for Mad Scientists

Still frantically shopping? How about this anatomically accurate tee, from the musically named autumnomatopoeia (“legos, livers, and more. Oh my!”)? Here’s an excellent gift idea list from Heather at Cabinet of Wonders. See also my gift idea list. And Vanessa’s … Continue reading

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the silver life

This stunning silver urchin ring and squid tentacle earrings are from emily amey. The paperweights below, including “an exact replica of a mammalian heart,” are by Walteria living.

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Christmas gifts! for the creative, picky, or perverse

I’ve been running across an unusually large number of things I covet lately, and it occurred to me that if you are reading my blog, you (or your friends/family) might have similar tastes. So I thought I’d post a list … Continue reading

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