Last Call: Christmas Gifts for Mad Scientists


Still frantically shopping? How about this anatomically accurate tee, from the musically named autumnomatopoeia (“legos, livers, and more. Oh my!”)?

Here’s an excellent gift idea list from Heather at Cabinet of Wonders.

See also my gift idea list. And Vanessa’s anatomy-related gift list at Street Anatomy.

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2 Responses to Last Call: Christmas Gifts for Mad Scientists

  1. mdvlist says:

    Speaking of gifts, I just about packaged some root vegetables to send to you today. When I gathered up a handful of dirt-encrusted parsnips and celery root to wash for dinner, each as knobby and betentacled as the next, I immediately thought of you. They were as cephalopods of the vegetable kingdom!

  2. cicada says:

    “betentacled” may be the best word ever.

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