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Remarkable Lego street art illusion

Legophemera FTW. If you have not yet seen this street art illusion of a Lego terra cotta army, watch now – before your techie-artsy-hipster cred is permanently diminished! Video: “Lego Army,” by Leon Keer at the Sarasota Chalk Festival 2011. … Continue reading

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Sciart Links

I’ve been too busy to write a real post lately, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some amazing sciart/ephemera-art links going around. Here are some: Origami human torso with organs (via David Ng) In situ pencil lead carvings – the … Continue reading

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Art on the Moon?

Lunation, a group-curated show, opens today at Brooklyn’s Observatory: Artists and scientists have always been attracted to the moon. . . Our closest celestial neighbor, the earth’s little sister, the moon creates the tides and illuminates the woods at night. … Continue reading

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Carnival of the Animals: holiday window wonder cabinets

Bergdorf Goodman’s elaborate animal-themed holiday window displays rock my world: See more windows (huge images) at their blog. The last window in particular is Snow Queen-esque (think Narnia); the metal bird themed window seems very Yeatsian. Truly, upscale holiday window … Continue reading

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A story of art, generosity and books

My friend Libby sent me this inspiring story from one of my favorite cities, Edinburgh, where an anonymous artist has been leaving intricate book sculptures in local libraries. First, in March, the Scottish Poetry Library (which uses the wonderful institutional … Continue reading

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one-of-a-kind skeleton ring set

This unique sterling silver skeleton ring set by Shannon Conrad consists of two rings – one a skeletal hand, the other a radius/ulna pair. Together they form a skeletal arm reaching across your hand! One of a kind ring, available … Continue reading

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Holiday gift ideas for the BioE reader

It’s almost Cyber Monday! In our household, we do our shopping online, mainly because when we go to the trouble of renting a car, we have experiences like we did yesterday, when we were ticketed for lingering a full 32 … Continue reading

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“A masterful congress of word and image, science and art”: I think Darwin would approve

Artist, naturalist and calligrapher Kelly Houle is seeking support through Kickstarter for her “Illuminated Origin of Species” project: Houle promises “a masterful congress of word and image, science and art, in celebration of the grandeur in this view of life.”  … Continue reading

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God is more than a flying brain

Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam From Paluzzi et al., Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, 2007 For a few years, Nature Reviews Neuroscience stuck to a humorous theme in its cover art: everyday objects that mimic brains. A dandelion, spilled … Continue reading

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The Mona Lisa, Genes, and Money

One of the questions an artist hates most is what is your artwork worth? Price is a subjective, unsatisfactory proxy for emotional angst, frustration, eyestrain, and time. Sometimes I find that NO (reasonable) value can compensate for the emotional investment … Continue reading

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