Sciart Links

I’ve been too busy to write a real post lately, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some amazing sciart/ephemera-art links going around. Here are some:

Origami human torso with organs (via David Ng)

In situ pencil lead carvings – the best way you never thought of to keep yourself busy during a boring class (via Miles Cannon)

Surprisingly accurate turn-of-the-century space landscapes (iO9)

Mountains and rivers of the world, 1823 (Retronaut)

And a snarky look at how Sumerians had intellectual property all figured out (also via Miles):

The main way Sumerians protected the integrity of their data was through curses. This may seem laughable to a modern audience, but I don’t think we’re so different. Does you expect the FBI to actually raid your house if you copy that VHS tape?

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