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A Murmuration of Cheese Balls: when nature enters the Uncanny Valley

Murmuration, in addition to being a perfectly lovely word, also captures one of the most wonderful phenomena one can encounter in nature. Behold, one of the loveliest viral videos of recent years: Did you get goosebumps? Thomas Jackson’s series “Emergent … Continue reading

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BioE is so redundant right now

Steam of Consciousness by Chris Conte (updated: look! I found a moving .gif on the artist’s website! It’s at the bottom of the post). It’s really amazing to me how mainstream anatomical art, steampunk, etc. has become in the past … Continue reading

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To Mac users of MS Word

Just posting this as a public service: if you are using Word on a Mac running Lion, and every time you print a document you get an annoying extra page of gobbledygook, go to the Print settings in Word’s Preferences, … Continue reading

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Reminder: Follow BioE on Twitter

Hope you’re having a great summer! Sorry the blog is so dead! I’m so busy right now, my brain is scrambled. (That can sometimes be a good feeling — but not so much this time.) I have a few draft … Continue reading

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A truly great comment policy

I quit having comments long ago because I barely have time to post (as the timestamp on my last few posts demonstrates) much less weed out spam and deal with trolls. But if I did have a comment policy, I’d … Continue reading

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Trying to balance big things

Alas, I have been in this state for a few weeks – too many big things to balance. I’ll post again soon.

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Of Money and Science: Two Book Reviews

Paula Stephan’s observation that “not all science is created equal when it comes to funding” will not surprise any researcher who ever labored over a grant. Drugmonkey’s blog is a particularly good source of insight into how the NIH grant … Continue reading

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Coin-operated morticians are not easy to find

Just in case you’ve always wanted a vintage coin-operated morgue diorama with clockwork morticians and mourners, you are totally in luck! Thanks, Morbid Anatomy!

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Histology-Inspired Artist of the Day: Andrea Offerman

Andrea Offerman‘s intricate pen and ink drawings are some hybrid of children’s book illustrations and Hieronymous Bosch-ian anatomical panoramas. Andrea says, I was always interested in art but hesitant to make it my profession. I studied medicine for a few … Continue reading

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Is Starry Night the discovery, or the experiment?

Maria Popova quotes Neil DeGrasse Tyson on the difference between originality in science and in art: If I discover a scientific idea, surely someone else would’ve discovered the same idea had I not done so. Whereas, look at Van Gogh’s … Continue reading

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