Histology-Inspired Artist of the Day: Andrea Offerman

Andrea Offerman‘s intricate pen and ink drawings are some hybrid of children’s book illustrations and Hieronymous Bosch-ian anatomical panoramas. Andrea says,

I was always interested in art but hesitant to make it my profession. I studied medicine for a few years and was fascinated especially by anatomy and histology (microscopic anatomy of cells and tissues); the intricate ways in which a body is put together and functions, the solutions nature comes up with to ensure certain processes, and the beauty within the patterns and networks that make everything happen surprised me. That fascination is still there. My love for the organic and an interest for evolutionary and scientific themes always play a part in my work. (source: Don’t Panic)

I guess that explains what looks like people picnicking and climbing around on a long strip of partly dissected dragon!

I’ve been asked a few times whether it’s worth leaving science to do art, and although I haven’t done it myself and can’t speak to it, apparently Andrea’s quite happy with her choice to abandon medical school for art school. Read the rest of Andrea’s interview at Don’t Panic, and another interview at Juxtapoz.

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