Virginia battles indecent trucks

Tragically, the epidemic of hanging artificial genitalia from truck hitches has spread, prompting still more state legislation, this time in Virginia (as I posted in 2007, Maryland already tried to ban them).

We are a really bizarre species to find this sort of thing amusing, aren’t we?  I’m at a loss whether to be exasperated that artificial body parts are seen as so horrible and indecent they must be banned, or to be exasperated that people think putting artificial body parts on machinery is funny. Trucks don’t even reproduce sexually. Duh.

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5 Responses to Virginia battles indecent trucks

  1. David says:

    How bizarre! I’ve not noticed any such truck ornamentation down here in Australia. That said, we have more than our fair share of offensive vehicle ornamentation.

  2. Jane says:

    So, here in Idaho, those very large pickup trucks are sometimes referred to as “compensation” trucks. So, what does it say about the driver of a truck who feels the need to embellish a truck with testicles?

  3. I thought all transport vehicles were “female,” anyway. Does this mean the trucks are hermaphrodites? Interesting choice for the owners to make, that.

  4. Wunx~ says:

    I’ve never seen a truck with sex organs, of either gender, attached. Of course if someone tried it here in Land o’ Mormon they’d probably get thrown under the jail.

    My personal thought is: we all run around naked under our clothes 7/24 anyway, so what’s the big deal? It isn’t the particular body parts that provoke moral turpitude, it’s societal and individual attitudes towards those parts. Just look to the middle east for an excessive demonstration of that.

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