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Poem of the Week: all the world, and I, and surely you

Untitled Brompton Cemetary, London “Sonnet XVII” Loving you less than life, a little less Than bitter-sweet upon a broken wall Or brush-wood smoke in autumn, I confess I cannot swear I love you not at all. For there is that … Continue reading

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Words I learned in 2007

A New Year’s tradition: some truly yummy words I learned in the past twelve months. I love adding to my vocabulary, though odds are I’ll never use a single one of these in conversation. 1. aquamanile 2. scacchic 3. imbricated … Continue reading

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National Geographic  I used to have a pet hooded rat, which is why I think the giant rat recently discovered in Indonesia is actually kinda cute. Plus, it’s almost as large as my cat! It would be hilarious to get … Continue reading

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London signage

Is there some sort of typological standard for disembodied medical hands? I took this picture in London, and thought nothing of it at the time – but it does strongly resemble the hands in Nicole Natri’s collage, and the descriptions of … Continue reading

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Happy microbiolidays!

Reader/medical student Niall Hamilton, photographer of microorganisms, sent me this oh-so-seasonal Christmas petri dish: Niall says, “the black is a yeast species often found around bathroom sinks, and the snow is another yeast species (a pretty unremarkable environmental one).” Looking … Continue reading

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Think outside Schrodinger’s box

Can a president who is not comfortable thinking about science hope to lead instead of follow? Earlier Republican debates underscored this problem. In May, when candidates were asked if they believed in the theory of evolution, three candidates said no. … Continue reading

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Last Call: Christmas Gifts for Mad Scientists

Still frantically shopping? How about this anatomically accurate tee, from the musically named autumnomatopoeia (“legos, livers, and more. Oh my!”)? Here’s an excellent gift idea list from Heather at Cabinet of Wonders. See also my gift idea list. And Vanessa’s … Continue reading

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A Steampunk Green Man

Metamorphosis Almacan Digital artist Almacan (Kazuhiko Nakamura) creates intricately detailed surrealistic portraits, equal parts Giger and da Vinci. This one reminds me of an insectoid Green Man about to disperse into the undergrowth. . . and also, strangely, of Richard … Continue reading

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the silver life

This stunning silver urchin ring and squid tentacle earrings are from emily amey. The paperweights below, including “an exact replica of a mammalian heart,” are by Walteria living.

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modern science: solo show by Nicole Natri

I’m not the only one who liked Nicole Natri’s latest work. Check out the gallery poster for her solo show at Jr. Konsthallen, in Sweden, starting today.  Congratulations, Nicole!

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