Are those tentacles on your ceiling?


Bisbiglio d’Amaranto
Adam Wallacavage, 2006
Mixed media, epoxy resin coated cast plaster with lamp parts

Welcome to Captain Nemo’s dining room!

I’ve capitulated, and created a new post category: cephalopodmania. Where else can I file the unique work of Adam Wallacavage? Check out his octopus chandeliers on his MySpace page or the Jonathan Levine Gallery. It looks like you can still purchase this fuschia beauty — if you have $10K in your renovation budget.

Wallacavage is also a photographer; his 2006 book is called Monster Size Monsters.

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5 Responses to Are those tentacles on your ceiling?

  1. Mr. Pickman says:

    It’s Cthulhulian, but cheerful! love it1

  2. raincoaster says:

    Ooh! Ooh! Me wantssssssssss. Congrats on posting the very first item in my 2007 Christmas list!

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  4. Monado says:

    It’s much more colourful than the huge chandelier of intertwined deer horns that graces one restaurant in Niagara Falls. (I think it’s the Happy Wanderer.)

  5. Sciencesque says:

    I came across this video while checking out Pharyngula
    the other day. The video shows an octopus squeeze itself through some rather small plexiglass tubes. What amazing animals: flexible and inspiration for home decor!

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