Betcha didn’t see this at MLA. . .


Out of reach
Dave Rau

Just as I began to fear that no topic could comfortably follow a post invoking medievalism and cephalopodmania, Phantasmaphile pointed me to the artwork of Dave Rau. Grungy engravings, fonts, textures, collaged and screened with random animal appendages? I’m so there!

Redlabor also hosts the art of Josh Bertrand; check out his “Beautiful Armaments; Rocket”. They even have a store where you can indulge in T-shirts with peculiar pseudo-biological motifs. Here’s how they describe “Two Guys and an Octopus:”

19th century twins gone awry in a wicked science experiment involving an octopus, insects and two gorillas. Old school biotech never looked so proper; the top-hats really finish their outfit.

Sweet, guys! But I did notice there aren’t any women’s shirts with octopi on them. . .

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