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Coin-operated morticians are not easy to find

Just in case you’ve always wanted a vintage coin-operated morgue diorama with clockwork morticians and mourners, you are totally in luck! Thanks, Morbid Anatomy!

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Invading Hands & Sleeping Beauties

Wounds (2007) Nicole Natri I ran across this collage by the talented Nicole Natri shortly after attending an interesting lecture, “When Sleeping Beauty Walked Out of the Anatomy Museum,” by Kathryn Hoffmann, who is a professor of French at the … Continue reading

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The industrial body

Der mensch gesund und krank, menschenkunde 1940 . . . . Vol. 2 Zürich-Leipzig, 1939. Relief halftone. National Library of Medicine Fritz Kahn Street Anatomy recently posted a selection of industrial-influenced anatomical art by Fritz Kahn. How I wish the publishers … Continue reading

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Too too solid flesh?

La Belle Rosina (Two Young Girls) Antoine Wiertz, 1847 Morbid Anatomy has some excellent posts lately – if it’s not on your blogroll already, you should go investigate! I was particularly taken with this painting. I suppose it’s memento mori, … Continue reading

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Eight random facts about moi

Oh no, I’ve been tagged with a blog meme! I generally tiptoe past memes when I encounter them; as they drowse in the hot summer sun, they are unlikely to retaliate – unless prodded with vintage medical paraphernalia, of course. … Continue reading

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Poem of the Week: artful cuts

“Flayed Angel” Jacques Gautier d’Agoty If you’ve not yet done so, pop on over to new blog Morbid Anatomy for a tour of some beautiful vintage medical illustrations. My favorite recent post was this collection of links to the work … Continue reading

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