Sneeze In Your Sleeve!

I’ve had the sniffles now for a few days, and as always, I feel self-conscious about where my germs are landing. This little tutorial combats wayward nasally-propelled microbes with the Sneeze-In-Your-Sleeve strategy. Very amusing – and it suggests another possible use for the tentacle arm

And seriously – don’t sneeze on people. Or your hands. Euw.

 (Thanks to my friend Jacob, intrepid microbiologist, for the heads-up on this one.)

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3 Responses to Sneeze In Your Sleeve!

  1. Wunx~ says:

    This cannot be shown to my husband! He already makes a lunge for my sleeve every time he sneezes. If he saw this, he’d use it to say I have no grounds for objecting. Ewww, gross!

  2. Pierre Carlès says:

    I still fail to understand why we do not all do like the Japanese : if you have a cold in Japan, basic etiquette requires that you wear a mask. It prevents the spreading of germs and protects you from cold air as well. Strange that it should seem not socially acceptable in most western countries.

  3. ART says:

    Along the lines of germ transferrence, you might enjoy this recent article in the Times (Jan 30, 2008). It explores the validity of the 5 second rule, and seeks to deterimine the food safety risks associated with double-dipping. Scary indeed.

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