But where’s the Cephalopod counter?


Every biologist secretly craves seafood counters labeled “Crustacea” in beautiful art deco lettering. Thank you, Harrods.

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4 Responses to But where’s the Cephalopod counter?

  1. mdvlist says:

    Just out of curiosity, have you eaten squid and/or octopus before? (Obviously you’ve been denied in London!) I cannot recommend them to my friends– at least, not raw, as much as you may like sushi. That octopus is awfully chewy, and the suction cups are rather a turn-off. For all the grease, I’m sure official British fish and chips are much nicer.

  2. cicada says:

    I’ve eaten deep-fried baby octopus, and calamari. And I did have sushi made with one or the other once. But I don’t knowingly eat octopus anymore – they’re just too smart. It would be like eating a dolphin, or a cat. Eeuw.

  3. mdvlist says:

    That’s handy– I’ll have to remember that octopi are intelligent the next time I find myself turning down little bits of tentacle. It sounds like I could command a bit more respect with that excuse than my customary “ick, this is like trying to eat some kind of plastic.”

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