Free Aegypt!


Hidden Cities II: Embarkation for Cythera 
Peter Milton, 2004

For you impoverished John Crowley fans out there, there are two more days to win a free copy of volume 1 of the “smart-looking” new paperback reissue of Aegypt. To win, write a haiku and submit it by Friday:

Announcing our first ever Great Haiku Galley Give-Away, featuring John Crowley’s legendary Book One of the Aegypt Cycle THE SOLITUDES! Write a brief, witty and polished haiku about why you are worthy to receive an early reader’s edition of this beloved title. The Overlook Press is re-issuing all of the Aegypt Cycle in collectible and smart-looking paperback format. Deadline for entries is Friday 6/22! Get your 5-7-5 on! And you could be a winner. Many will enter, 5 people will win. Winning haikus shall be posted and much glory shall be had. Send to theoverlookpress at gmail dot com. (The Wingéd Elephant)

For you non-impoverished Crowley fans, check out this incunabula edition of Little, Big with illustrations by Peter Milton. We, the impoverished, can still drool on Milton’s web gallery – laptop keyboards beware!  (The illustration at the top of this post is not from Little, Big - it’s a teaser of its potential surreal yumminess.)

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