. . . therefore, I am?

Neurophilosophy does bioephemera the honor of a tag with the Thinking Blog meme! Ironically, I’ve been traveling for the past two weeks, and (since an hour’s work on a post about framing science disappeared irrevocably into the aether of unreliable hotel wi-fi) I haven’t posted much of anything, that would make anyone think!


So which blogs make me think? It’s hard to pick only five. Many (like Neurophilosophy) have already been tagged. Some high-volume blogs, like 3quarksdaily, make me think so hard it hurts – but should that be rewarded?

As far as I know, these blogs have not been tagged yet; apologies if they are. They’re also relatively manageable feeds – so you have time to think about each post without rushing. I think that’s a big plus.

Saint Gasoline
Hungry Hyaena
Bibliodyssey (some of us think in pictures)
The Examining Room of Dr. Charles

I’d like to tag more, but them’s the rules!

For those blogs I tagged, the participation rules are here, on the original post at the Thinking Blog.

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2 Responses to . . . therefore, I am?

  1. MC says:

    “Some of us think in pictures.” Have you been reading Howard Gardner?

  2. cicada says:

    No, actually. Who?


    Oh, the multiple intelligences guy! Actually, no, but I should, because I’m not sure how far I agree with that pedigogical mindset. It destigmatizes the admission that normal humans aren’t cognitively homogeneous, which is good. But insofar as it encourages premature categorization of students and self-fulfilling expectations about their ability to succeed in all areas, it disturbs me.

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