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I just hope it’s not mad

from Modern Mechanix Which incidentally reminds me of . . .

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Whatever you do, don’t get your nano wet

This post has nothing to do with science or art. I just want to toss some information out there for my fellow iPod users. When a friend recently bought an ipod nano, I realized I’d better warn him about a … Continue reading

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In case you don’t remember God doing that thing. . .

I thought I’d check before reading any further in Blogging the Bible to see how much I really had forgotten. Unfortunately, this quiz is so silly, I think 86% is a rather poor showing. Oh well. Although I may not … Continue reading

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A GOOD idea

A friend sent me a link to this new magazine called GOOD. It includes features such as “The Color of War: An embedded artist chronicles Iraq” and “Search And Destroy: Ramming and sinking whale boats wherever they can be found.” … Continue reading

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So Go Vote

Scientists and Engineers for America: Questions for Your Candidate I don’t see much point in voting today, since the results for my state are demographically preordained. But this has still been an interesting election cycle for me as a scientist. … Continue reading

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