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Personal histories

I just finished Eric Kandel’s new book, In Search of Memory. For those of you who don’t recognize his name, Kandel won the Nobel Prize in physiology/medicine for his work on the cellular basis of learning and memory. He is … Continue reading

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Like a rainbow hole in your head

What lies behind our nose? photography (CT scan rendering) Kai-hung Fung, 2007 The 2007 Science Visualization Challenge winners have been announced. I love the two (tied) first place winners; although they are both photography, they look like watercolor. Above is … Continue reading

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The Hunterian Museum

Syphilitic skull with three trephine holes and osteomyelitic lesions Hunterian museum One of my favorite London experiences was my visit to the Hunterian museum. If only I had more time there! I liked it so much, I returned on my … Continue reading

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Answers to the bee mystery?

Science Magazine just published research suggesting that a foreign virus, which apparently arrived via Australia, could be causing the mysterious colony collapse disorder (CCD). About 96% of CCD colonies were positive for this virus, which is confusingly named Israel acute … Continue reading

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IRFD report

My excursion in honor of the first ever International Rock-Flipping Day (IRFD), September 2, was disappointing. I was full of hope, given the cicada-filled trees outside my apartment and the bizarre insectoid life I’ve already encountered in the few weeks … Continue reading

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Shrooms on the run?

Made in Transit: oyster mushrooms Agata Jaworska On Saturday I went to the farmer’s market to snag some nectarines and peaches. Unfortunately, by Tuesday they’d gone bad already, which left me wondering what farmers do with all the peaches and … Continue reading

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The biology is only as good as the labs

I winced in sympathy at this account, “A biologist in Nigeria”, by Dave Ng (The World’s Fair) of his experience teaching a genetics course. The conditions were simply awful. But I’m afraid any non-biologist readers won’t understand how awful – … Continue reading

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The Holy Vending Machine of Alexandria

Back when I was six or seven, my personal computer was a cassette-tape driven TRS-80, and my favorite game was Pyramid. Pyramid was an endearingly primitive choose-your-own adventure game, in which you gave the program commands it rarely understood, hoping … Continue reading

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Genetics of autism: is it safe to marry an engineer?

from A few months ago, I dreamed that I attended a cocktail party, where I mistook Simon Baron-Cohen (the neurobiologist) for his cousin Sacha Baron Cohen (better known as Borat). I don’t know why either of them was in … Continue reading

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My physics envy: derailed by pesky exponents

Earlier, it seemed like everyone in the biology blogosphere (including me) voiced their opinion on whether biology is perceived to be easier than physics, and whether that explains why we see so much inaccurate popular biology perpetrated by non-biologists. It … Continue reading

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