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Primitive scientific ephemera, analytical analog baubles, and old dead things.

Snakes on a plate! part deux

Bernard Palissy, 1565-1585 As promised, here’s the Palissy snake serving dish from the Victoria and Albert Museum. It’s very similar to the one from the British Museum, except that the colors in this piece seem much brighter. I like the … Continue reading

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Damn you, Tate Gallery!

The Lady of Shalott, 1888 John William Waterhouse I arrived at the Tate Britain (better known by its former name, the Tate Gallery) Monday morning, only to discover that their entire inventory of pre-Raphaelites had been removed from display a … Continue reading

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Dinner snakes – I mean, dinner plates

Lead-glazed polychrome-painted earthenware dish Workshop of Bernard Palissy, Paris, circa 1575-1600 British Museum Just in case you didn’t find Laura Zindel’s creepy-crawly place settings unusual enough, here’s a treasure from the British Museum: an antique dish embellished with sculpted snake, … Continue reading

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Poem of the Week: Sonnet 116

Ah, the British Library. In one room: Shakespeare’s First Folio, Thomas More’s last letter to Henry III, Lewis Carroll’s diary, the Gutenberg Bible, a letter from Darwin to Wallace, a letter from Newton to Hooke, Shakespeare’s mortgage, Magna Carta, a … Continue reading

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I can’t stop watching this – Kinetic Sculpture The sculptures of Theo Jansen Via Endicott Redux

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The Holy Vending Machine of Alexandria

Back when I was six or seven, my personal computer was a cassette-tape driven TRS-80, and my favorite game was Pyramid. Pyramid was an endearingly primitive choose-your-own adventure game, in which you gave the program commands it rarely understood, hoping … Continue reading

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Jennifer Trask

Coeleoptera Pendant Jennifer Trask Ornamentum Gallery Jennifer Trask’s reliquary-like ornaments contain natural specimens like feathers, beetles, wings, and snakeskin. She is represented in the collections of the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the Museum of Arts and … Continue reading

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Science in the dark

An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump (1768) Joseph Wright of Derby An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump – detail (view zoomed image at the National Gallery of London) Wouldn’t it be excellent if science … Continue reading

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DWM overload

portrait of James Ferguson, astronomer Oh, look! Legions of Dead White Males with (natural laws, anatomical parts, minerals, equations, geological features, organisms, diseases, scientific societies) named after them! And some little prankster drew spectacles on Ferguson. Scientific Identity: Portraits from … Continue reading

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Gilding the bathroom

This gorgeous glowing artifact is, believe it or not, the basin of the sink in the guest bath at Lakewold Gardens. It was also the closest thing to the sun that I saw all day. Love ya, Seattle!

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