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All the reasons I didn’t do a PhD in medieval lit, and all the reasons I still occasionally wish I had.

“A masterful congress of word and image, science and art”: I think Darwin would approve

Artist, naturalist and calligrapher Kelly Houle is seeking support through Kickstarter for her “Illuminated Origin of Species” project: Houle promises “a masterful congress of word and image, science and art, in celebration of the grandeur in this view of life.”  … Continue reading

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The Mona Lisa, Genes, and Money

One of the questions an artist hates most is what is your artwork worth? Price is a subjective, unsatisfactory proxy for emotional angst, frustration, eyestrain, and time. Sometimes I find that NO (reasonable) value can compensate for the emotional investment … Continue reading

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This would be my third-favorite show

Geoffrey Chaucer is back on his blog after a hiatus almost as long as Lost‘s, with a comment on the television writers’ strike. He proposes some shows of his own which sound a tad familiar, perhaps – but in literature, … Continue reading

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The Five Living Poets Challenge

Over at his blog, Jeff Prucher has challenged readers to think of five major LIVING poets. Can you do it? No cheating, no Googling, no looking at your bookshelf or New Yorkers! For verisimilitude, pretend Alex Trebek is staring smugly … Continue reading

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There might be some internal conflict here

Apparently Karl Rove considers himself both Beowulf and Grendel. How strange. And to think I always thought he was the smartest of the bunch. . . Via In the Middle

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Poem of the Week: Sonnet 116

Ah, the British Library. In one room: Shakespeare’s First Folio, Thomas More’s last letter to Henry III, Lewis Carroll’s diary, the Gutenberg Bible, a letter from Darwin to Wallace, a letter from Newton to Hooke, Shakespeare’s mortgage, Magna Carta, a … Continue reading

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When Vampires get tenure

Self-described “exhibition of weirds” Farrago’s Wainscot has a suspiciously convincing webpage for Associate Professor of Sanguinary History Anna S. Oppenhagen-Petrescu, from class syllabi to CV – including the preface of her new book, snarky footnotes, and slightly ambiguous encomiums from … Continue reading

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Dude, this book ys for real?

Hey. . . where’s that essay I wrote twelve years ago on narrative unreliability in Monty Python and the Holy Grail? I think its time has come! (They also need a chapter on the reification of puns.) Cultural Studies of … Continue reading

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Reclaiming the body in negative space: Troy & Pompeii

Iliad Cenotaphs: Echepolus acrylic on wood Jonathan Gabel, 2007 Poring over the hyper-detailed text of the Iliad, Jonathan Gabel has envisioned each soldier’s death-wound, recreating the negative space of the wound as an anatomical model.

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If the word “Kalamazoo” prompts you to imagine a child’s musical toy, skip this post. But if it makes you hyperventilate and run to double-check obscure citations, the cruel wit of Herr Professor Doktor Boethius P. von Korncrake may divert … Continue reading

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